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One Piece the Movie 1: One Piece

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One Piece (Wan Pīsu?) is the first animated feature film of the franchise, starring Mayumi Tanaka as Monkey D. Luffy, Kazuya Nakai as Roronoa Zoro, Akemi Okamura as Nami, and Kappei Yamaguchi as Usopp. It premiered in Japan on March 4, 2000 and was released to DVD on January 21, 2001. The film was shown in a double bill with Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!. In their first week of showing, they made a second place in the Japanese box office, a third place during their second week, and two first places during their fourth and fifth weeks. In total, they earned 2,160,000,000 Japanese yen.

The legend of the Great Gold Pirate Wonan remains intact, years after his disappearance. Many pirates search for his mountain of gold hidden on a remote island. Among them are Captain El Drago and his men. By hunting down every member of Wonan's former crew, they eventually take possession of a map to that hidden island. On their way there, they meet and decide to rob the Straw Hat Pirates, who, still lacking a cook, are close to starvation.

Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei

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Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective (Naito Uōkā Mayonaka no Tantei?) is an anime created by Ayana Itsuki that combines elements of the horror, detective story and vampire genres. The anime is based on a PC game titled Mayonaka no Tantei Night Walker (Night Walker?), developed by TomBoy. The main character is Shido, a vampire who has promised to protect humans. A private investigator by day and a demon hunter by night, Shido solves murder cases caused by nightbreeds (low-class monsters) with his friends Riho Yamizaki, Yayoi Matsunaga and Guni. Music is written by Akifumi Tada.

NightWalker, a detective in Japan, holds a secret. Behind closed doors, he's a vampire of considerable power. Together with his secretary and partner, he solves crimes in the city and battles off the invading demons that threaten him and the city he protects.

Naruto OVA's

Find the Crimson Four-Leaf Clover.
Part 1
Part 2

Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

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Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (Dai Kōfun! Mikazuki-jima no Animaru Panikku Dattebayo!?, lit. Great Excitement! The Animal Panic of Crescent Moon Island!) is a 2006 film written and directed by Toshiyuki Tsuru. It is the third film based on the popular Naruto anime and manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. It is the last of the original Naruto series films before the Naruto: Shippūden series and Naruto: Shippūden the Movie started the following year.It was announced on August 6, 2005 at the opening of Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel. TVTokyo's website states that Great Excitement! The Animal Panic of Crescent Moon Island! was released in DVD format on April 25, 2007. The movie was released after episode 196, during the anime's post Sasuke era. Footage of this movie is seen in the opening and ending credits for episodes 197 through 199.

Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Lee are sent to protect a prince during his trip around the world and see that he returns safely to his home in the Moon Country. The Moon Country happens to be really rich and as such the Prince tends to buy anything his heart desires, during his travels the Prince would come across a circus group that features a rare Sabre-toothed tiger that he just had to have. So he purchased the entire group.

Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

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Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel (Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo?, lit. Great Clash! The Illusionary Ruins at the Depths of the Earth) is a 2005 film directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki and co-written by Kawasaki and Yuka Miyata. It is the second film based on the popular Naruto anime and manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. It was released in theaters in Japan on August 6, 2005. Unlike its predecessor, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Legend of the Stone of Gelel did not see a theatrical release in the United States, and was released as a direct-to-video instead. It aired on Cartoon Network on July 26, 2008 and was then released to DVD July 29, 2008. The movie takes place after episode 160.

The movie opens with a battle taking place at night on a desolate seaside beach between Sand Ninja and mysterious warriors wearing bulky suits of armor. Despite their best efforts, the Sand Ninja are slowly overwhelmed by the sheer strength of their mysterious opponents. The timely arrival of reinforcements led by Kankuro and Gaara turns the tide, with Kankuro slicing apart a suit of armor with his puppet, and Gaara dispatching a large number of enemies en mass with his signature Desert Imperial Funeral. However when Gaara orders the Sand Ninja to shine a flare at the retreating enemies, a large warship appears. The ship then opens fire with its guns, and Gaara's sand armor barely manages to protect his comrades.

Naruto the Movie 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow + Konoha Annual Sports Festival

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Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpōchō dattebayo!!?. Great Action Scene! Snow Princess' Book of Ninja Arts) is a 2004 film directed by Tensai Okamura and written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa based on the popular anime and manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. It was released in Japan on August 21, 2004. The popularity of the series has spawned several sequels, beginning with Naruto the Movie 2. The movie was released on DVD on April 28, 2005. The film takes place right after episode 101 "Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!", though events in the film leave its exact place in the series continuity questionable. The ending song is called Home Sweet Home and is sung by Yuki. The English version replaced this song with "Never Give Up" by Jeremy Sweet due to licensing restrictions.

After a rousing game of hide-n-seek with Konohamaru, Naruto and the gang are on the next big mission. Their task is to escort the beautiful actress Fujimi Yukihime to a far off mountain where the sequel to last summer's mega box office smash hit movie is being filmed.

Nov 28, 2009

Tears to Tiara

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The Tears to Tiara anime series is based on the PS3 remake of the same name developed and published by Aquaplus. The anime episodes are directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, written by Tōko Machida and produced by the animation studio White Fox. The episodes began a simulcast broadcast in both Japan and Asia exactly the same time on 5 April 2009 by Chiba TV and Animax-Asia respectively, thus becoming the first anime to have a new world record for the fastest broadcast outside Japan. Tears to Tiara is broadcast in Animax-Asia with English subtitles in Singapore and other local languages subtitles in each market area of Asia.

The story is set in a world based on British, Celtic & Roman mythology during the Dark Ages. The demon lord Arawn, has been resurrected since his death a millennium ago by Drwc, a priest from the Divine Empire, who plans to rule the world using Arwan's powers by offering a girl named Riannon, a descendant of the Elf King Pwyll as a sacrifice.

Jyu Oh Sei: Planet of the Beast King

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Jyu-Oh-Sei (Jū Ō Sei?, lit. Planet of the Beast King) is a manga series created by Natsumi Itsuki. An 11-episode anime adaptation was animated by Bones and premiered April 13, 2006 in Japan as part of Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block. On May 2, 2009, the series made its North American television debut on the FUNimation Channel.

Three hundred fifty years have passed since humans first settled the Balkan star system, located approximately 150 light years from Earth, where a number of planets have been "terraformed" to resemble Earth. Two 11-year-old twins, Thor and Rai, live on the space colony Juno until they come home to find their parents have been murdered.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, known in Japan as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing (Shin Kidō Senki Gandamu Uingu?), was an anime series in the mecha genre, and is one of the alternate universe Gundam series, taking place in the After Colony timeline. It is the second alternate universe in the Gundam media franchise, following Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

The plot centers around a war between Earth and its colonies in space; however, in contrast to the Universal Century continuity, the Gundam pilots of Gundam Wing are more closely allied to each other than they are to any particular side in the conflict unfolding around them.

Gundam G

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When I was a brat this anime is one of my favorite in terms robots, I'll go home early after school to watch on TV.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Kidō Butōden Jī Gandamu?, "Mobile Fighting Legend G Gundam") is a Japanese animated television series directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa (Giant Robo, Getter Robo Armageddon). Created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the franchise in 1994,it is the first of three Gundam series set in an alternate continuity from the original "Universal Century". The 49 episodes of the series aired on TV Asahi from April 1, 1994 to March 31, 1995. An English language version aired on the American Cartoon Network from August 5, 2002 to October 16 of the same year.

The show takes place in "Future Century", in which a fighting tournament is held every four years between the space colonies. Each country sends a representative Gundam Fighter to fight on Earth until one is left, and the winning nation earns the right to govern over the colonies for the next four years. G Gundam follows Neo-Japan's representative Domon Kasshu in year 60 of that century, during the 13th Gundam Fight.

Nov 24, 2009

Ninja Scrolls: The Series

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Ninja Scroll (Jūbei Ninpūchō?) is a Japanese action thriller anime set in feudal Japan, by critically acclaimed director/writer Yoshiaki Kawajiri who was best known for his previous thriller Wicked City (Yōjū Toshi).

The character designs were done by Yutaka Minowa. The movie is a homage to the Ninpōchō series, ninja novels by Futaro Yamada. The main character, Kibagami Jubei, is an homage to the famed Japanese samurai folk hero Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi.

Peacemaker Kurogane

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Peacemaker Kurogane (Peace Maker?) is a historical fiction manga and anime series created by mangaka Nanae Chrono (Kurono Nanae?). The story begins in 19th century Japan before the Meiji Restoration, a chain of events that led to enormous changes in Japan's political and social structure while the seeds of the revolution are being planted.

The story follows the boy protagonist, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who joins the Shinsengumi (initially as Hijikata Toshizo's page) while seeking strength to avenge his parents' death at the hands of a Choshu rebel. The prequel of Peacemaker Kurogane is Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker (Peace Maker?) was published by Enix in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan. Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker is licensed in North America by Tokyopop.

Shadow Skill

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Shadow Skill (SHADOW SKILL, Shadō Sukiru?) is a manga series with anime adaptations, produced by Studio Deen and aired on Japanese Television in 1998 and has been released in the United States by ADV Films in 2005. The series is based on the manga by Megumu Okada. Shadow Skill is a shōnen series which features Styles of combat, such as martial arts.

In addition to having a 26 episode television series three separate OVAs were made which have been released in the United States by Manga Entertainment. The television series, which has a different storyline to that of the OVAs, is distributed by ADV Films.

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal - OVA -

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Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal, released in Japan as Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen ( Recollection or Reminiscence?), is a four part original video animation series (OVA) that serves as a prequel to the Rurouni Kenshin anime television series. It was released in Japan in 1999. Set during the Meiji Restoration, it tells the story of how Himura Kenshin becomes the Hitokiri Battōsai, and of his relationship with a woman named Tomoe, who would become his first wife.

In 2003, Trust and Betrayal was collected into a two hour feature-length motion picture with new animated sequences and released in North America as a Director's Cut DVD.

History Strongest Disciple: Kenichi

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Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Ken'ichi?, lit. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) is a Japanese manga by Syun Matsuena serialized in the weekly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday. The first tankōbon was published in August 9, 2002. An anime adaptation by Tokyo Movie Shinsha aired from October 2006 to September 2007.

This manga is a remake of Tatakae! Ryōzanpaku Shijō Saikyō no Deshi (Fight! Ryōzanpaku, History's Strongest Disciple), which was serialized in the monthly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday Super, publishing five tankōbon between 2000 and 2002.


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Kekkaishi "Barrier Master" is an ongoing Supernatural manga series by Yellow Tanabe. It is serialized in Japan by Shogakukan in the manga magazine Shōnen Sunday, and licensed for an English release in North America by Viz Media. It was adapted as a fifty-two episode anime series by Sunrise, which was broadcast between October 2006 and February 2008. The series is about Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, heirs to rival clans of kekkai (barrier magic) users, who must defend their school from the spirits drawn to the sacred land it is built upon. Kekkaishi received the 2007 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga.

Five hundred years ago, a feudal lord was attacked by demons wanting to retrieve his mysterious inner power to take over the human world. The famous mage, Tokimori Hazama, was called upon, and with his 2 students, managed to save the whole land. But they fell ill, the feudal lord was killed, his power was also buried with him at a site called Karasumori.


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Basilisk (Bajirisuku ~Kōga Ninpō Chō~?, Basilisk: The Kōga Ninja Scrolls) is a Japanese manga and anime series. The manga was authored by Masaki Segawa and published in Japan in 2003 and 2004, based on the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada published in 1958. The anime, produced in 2005 by Gonzo Studios, closely follows the manga aside from a handful of distinctions. The manga won the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award for general manga. The manga was later followed by a sequel series titled The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls which was also based on a novel by Futaro Yamada.

The story takes place in the year 1614. Two ninja clans, Tsubagakure of the Iga and Manjidani of Kouga, battle each other to determine which grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu will become the next shogun. The deadly competition between 10 elite ninja from each clan unleashes a centuries-old hatred that threatens to destroy all hope for peace between them.

YuYu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report

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YuYu Hakusho, The Movie: Poltergeist Report also known as Poltergeist Report: The Movie, Bonds of Fire, or Yū yū hakusho: Meikai shitō hen - Honō no kizuna (Japanese title), is the second of the films based on the series. The 93 minutes long film was released in theaters in Japan on April 9, 1994. The film was later dubbed by U.S. Manga Corps. It was released on VHS on March 3, 1998 and DVD on October 8, 2002.

The film was rated 16 and up, the film features the ending theme "Sayonara wa Iwanai" composed by JILL and sung by Personz.

The story begins in the Spirit World, where the River Styx is overflowing, due to a tsunami. But as Koenma looks out his window he can tell this is no ordinary storm. The floodwaters continue to rise, and just before they become too much for Koenma he gives a mysterious item to Botan, and tells her to give it to Yusuke Urameshi. But Botan gets hurt badly and barely makes it to Yusuke. Botan is too weak to give Yusuke the item.

Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie: The Golden Seal

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YuYu Hakusho: The Movie, also known as The Golden Seal, is a twenty-six minute film that was released theatrically in Japan on July 10, 1993 alongside one other short anime film, Ninku: The Movie. Both movies were directed by Noriyuki Abe. The movie was English dubbed by AnimeWorks and released on VHS on June 9, 1998 and on a single DVD with Ninku: The Movie on January 30, 2001.

Like the television series, it features the songs "Smile Bomb" and "Sayonara Bye Bye" by Matsuko Mawatari for its opening and closing credits respectively.

Nov 23, 2009

Ghost Fighter - Yu Yu Hakusho -

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When I was in elementary, this anime is my #1 favorite and I keep going home early to watch every episodes on the TV every afternoon. It is Ghost Fighter in English.

YuYu Hakusho (Yū Yū Hakusho?, or "YYH", lit. "Ghost Files" or "Poltergeist Report") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi with an anime adaptation. The name of the series is spelled Yu Yu Hakusho in Funimation's distribution of the anime and YuYu Hakusho in the Viz manga. YuYu Hakusho tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a child's life. After a number of tests presented to him by Koenma, the son of the ruler of the afterlife Underworld, Yusuke is revived and appointed the title of "Underworld Detective", with which he must investigate and solve various cases involving demons and apparitions in the Human World.

YuYu Hakusho has been well received since its debut, with the manga selling over 44,000,000 copies in Japan alone and winning the prestigous Shogakukan Manga Award in 1994. The anime series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1993 and 1994 and has been voted by various publications as one of the greatest anime of all time.

Hunter X Hunter: - OVA 3 - Greed Island Final

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The story takes place after the second OVA. Gon is still searching for his father inside the game Greed Island.

This OVA will cover Gon, Killua and Biscuit's adventures throughout the game. Will Gon find his father?

Hunter X Hunter: - OVA 2 - Greed Island

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The story takes place after the first OVA. After the conflict with the spiders, Gon and Killua return to the York Shin auction to try their luck with Greed Island.

Once inside, Gon and Killua meet up with Biscuit, Wing's old teacher, who helps them train to defeat the monsters and player killers found inside the game.

Hunter X Hunter: - OVA 1 - Original Video Animation

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The story takes place after the TV series. After receiving a message from Hisoka, Kurapica finds out that the Spiders are all still alive.

After some discussion, Kurapica alongside with Gon, Killua and Leorio decide to capture a Spider member whose special ability would have the most devastating effect on Kurapica. And so the hunt begins.

Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter × Hunter (Hantā Hantā?), pronounced "Hunter Hunter", is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi with an anime adaptation. The first chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga series was published in March 1998, in Weekly Shōnen Jump.

The story of Hunter X Hunter focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. He learns that his father, Ging Freecss, is a legendary Hunter. Despite the fact that his father abandoned Gon with his relatives in order to pursue his dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father's footsteps, pass the Hunter Examination, and eventually find his father to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right.

The Law Of Ueki "Ueki no Housoku"

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The Law of Ueki (Ueki no Hōsoku?) is a Japanese manga series by Tsubasa Fukuchi. It was first serialised in the manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday in 2002 and ended in 2004. Sixteen tankōbon volumes was compiled and published by Shogakukan. An anime adaptation was first broadcast on TV Tokyo on April 4, 2005, ended with 51 episodes on March 27, 2006. It was produced by Studio Deen. A manga sequel, The Law of Ueki Plus (Ueki no Hōsoku PURASU?), continues the series as of September 2005 by the same author and in the same magazine.

'God' isn't a position for life, and the current God's term in office is almost up. Switching things up, he decides to chose the next God through a series of battle games and tournaments. The tournament isn't actually fought between the God Candidates, but between junior high school students chosen by the various 'God Candidates' and granted a special power and talents called 'zai.' The winning student gets a blank 'zai' as a reward, to write in whatever ability or talent they want, while their God Candidate becomes the next God.

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage OVA

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Dogs (DOGS- Ku -Dogs-?) is a Japanese manga series by Shirow Miwa. The manga was first published in 2001 as Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark. In 2005, the series began serialization in the manga magazine Ultra Jump as Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, which continues the storyline. The first part of the series has been adapted into a four-episode OVA by david production.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where violence, crime, genetic manipulation and other cruel scientific experiments have become common, the story focuses on four main characters who, through a series of coincidences, meet as they search for a way "below", looking for answers to their individual pasts.

Nov 20, 2009


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Needless (Nīdoresu?, stylized as NEEDLESS) is an action/comedy/science fiction manga and anime series by Kami Imai. Serialized in Shueisha's seinen magazine Ultra Jump beginning in 2004, an anime adaptation by Madhouse began airing on July 2, 2009.

Year 2130, after the third world war, large contaminated areas known as "Blackspots" formed all over Japan. Large Walls were used to quarantine off these "Blackspots".

Nov 19, 2009


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Basquash! (Basukasshu!?) is a sports and sci-fi anime which aired on Mainichi Broadcasting System. It involves characters playing basketball while riding mecha. The series premise was created by Thomas Romain and Shoji Kawamori, with the animation produced by Satelight. Shoji Kawamori is handling the project direction, while the series direction will be done by Shin Itagaki. On July 10, it was reported that director Shin Itagaki was to be replaced by another, as yet, unnamed director starting from the eleventh episode

The story takes place in the world of "Earth Dash", an alternate, futuristic version of Earth where human society split between the far more advanced lunar society and that of the planet's surface.

One Piece Chapter 564 and Naruto 472 is up

Yahooooooo! the long wait is over because One Piece Chapter 564 is came out early. The chapter title is "The Man that Rocks the World" thanks a lot to INP for the scans. And Naruto Chapter 472 is also came up early, million thanks to Sleepyfans for the scans and ups!. Naruto's Chapter 472 title is "A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison"

Note: no bleach release this week, they have take a break and it will be back next week.

Nov 18, 2009

Shaman King

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Shaman King (Shāman Kingu?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. Shaman King follows the adventures of Yoh Asakura as he attempts to hone his shaman skills to become the Shaman King in the Shaman tournament.

Shaman King was serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump between 1998 and 2004 and has been collected in thirty-two tankōbon volumes. Since its publication, Shaman King has spawned a substantial media franchise. The manga has been adapted into an animated television series produced by Xebec and co-produced by TV Tokyo. The series has also spawned numerous video games and a trading card game.


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Gungrave (Gangureivu?) is a Japanese animated television series based on the video game of the same name, created by Yasuhiro Nightow. The series is directed by Toshiyuki Tsuru, from a screenplay by Yousuke Kuroda, and produced by Madhouse Studios. The series follows Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell as they rise through the ranks of the Millennion crime syndicate.

Gungrave aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2003 to March 29, 2004, totaling twenty-six episodes. Like the Gungrave video game, and its sequel (Gungrave Overdose), the series' music is provided by Tsuneo Imahori; this also includes the series' opening theme.

Afro Samurai

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Afro Samurai (Afuro Samurai?), also romanized AFRO SAMURAI, is a Japanese seinen dōjinshi manga series written and illustrated by manga artist Takashi Okazaki. It was originally serialized at a random frequency in the avant-garde dōjinshi manga magazine Nou Nou Hau from September 1999 to May 2000. Inspired by Takashi Okazaki's love of soul and hip hop music, Afro Samurai follows the life of Afro Samurai who witnessed his father (owner of the No. 1 headband) being killed by the hands of a gunslinger named Justice (owner of the No. 2 headband). As an adult, Afro sets off to avenge his father's death and kill Justice.

The Afro Samurai dōjinshi was adapted into a 5-episode anime TV series by studio Gonzo in 2007. The same studio also went on to produce a made-for-TV movie sequel entitled Afro Samurai: Resurrection in 2009, which gained two Emmy nominations, for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, which it won, and Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More), which it lost. After the release of the anime series, Takashi Okazaki remade the original Afro Samurai dōjinshi into a two-volume manga. To be only released in North America, Tor Books and Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the title and published it under their new Tor/Seven Seas imprint.

Nov 17, 2009

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

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Afro Samurai (Academy Award ® nominee Samuel L. Jackson) avenged his father and found a life of peace. But the legendary master is forced back into the game by a beautiful and deadly woman from his past.

The sparks of violence dropped along Afro’s bloody path now burn out of control – and nowhere are the flames of hatred more intense than in the eyes of Sio (Lucy Liu: Kill Bill).

Flame of Recca

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This anime is kind of old but I guarantee this anime is great.

Flame of Recca (Rekka no Honō?) is a manga series by Nobuyuki Anzai, which was adapted into an anime series spanning forty-two episodes by Studio Pierrot. The manga was originally serialized in Shōnen Sunday starting October 18, 1995, with the last chapter published April 18, 2002, and has been compiled into 33 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan. Both the anime and manga were licensed for North American distribution in English by Viz Media. The series has also been adapted into two video games; Flame of Recca for the Game Boy Advance and Flame of Recca Final Burning for the Playstation 2.

Recca Hanabishi is a ninja, but is nearly killed in an accident. However, a girl named Yanagi heals him with her powers. Later, the two are tracked down by a woman who attacks them. She tells Recca to ignite his flame, but he is clueless. Just as she hurts Yanagi, Recca releases a powerful flame upon the woman.

The Seven Swordsman of Hidden Mist

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The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist (Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū) is an organization consisting of only the greatest blade-wielding shinobi of their generation that Kirigakure can produce. There can only be seven members at a time, hence the name. Four members are currently known, although the third, Raiga, only appeared in the anime. Three of them are missing-nin.

The History:
The members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen were the people who came from the Bloody Mist's graduation exams with the greatest battle skills. However, the members also had a great lust for power. This led many of them to defect and become missing-nin. Kisame Hoshigaki was the first to abandon Kiri, and joined Akatsuki. Zabuza Momochi would later follow him after a failed coup d'etat and assassination attempt on the Mizukage.

Naruto Chapter 472 Spoiler Confirmed

Soruce: NF and
Credit: Stream
Verification: Confirmed

Killer bee changes to bijuu, and tries to escape while holding Sabu-chan et Ponta. But the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can’t reach the air.

Then Killer Bee suggests that since Kisame is after him, he’ll leave them and try to escape by himself, so that with the water moving they will eventually reach the air. But Kisame attacks Ponta

Killer Bee gets back to the rescue, and falls into the trap of Kisame, who attacks him with the dorsal fin and gets him back to a lower version of bjiuu

One Piece Chapter 564 Spoiler Confirmed

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Credit: Urouge
Verification: Confirmed

This is a teaser of a spoiler of One Piece Chapter 564, I will update this ASAP.

When Whitebeard takes down John Giant, he causes an earthquake so large, it tilts the entire island as well as the sea around it.

To elaborate, he caused this massive earthquake to trip John onto the ground.
After he tilts the island, he jumps onto John, and pounds another earthquake into the giant’s chest.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender also known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang, is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon and the Nicktoons Network. The series was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz. Avatar is set in an Asian-influenced world of martial arts and elemental manipulation. The show drew on elements from East Asian, South Asian, and Western culture, making it a mixture of anime and US domestic cartoons.

In a lost age the world is divided into four equal powers: Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. In each nation there's a group of gifted people known as Benders who have the ability to manipulate their native element using martial arts and elemental magic. For thousands of years the nations lived together peacefully. But then disaster struck. The young ruler of the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Sozin, began a war of world conquest. The only one who could have prevented it was the Avatar.

Nov 16, 2009

Seiken no Blacksmith: The Sacred Blacksmith


The Sacred Blacksmith, is a Japanese light novel series by Isao Miura, with illustrations by Luna. As of August 2009, six volumes have been published by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J label. A manga adaptation by Kōtarō Yamada started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on March 27, 2009. The first tankōbon was published June 23, 2009. An anime adaptation has been announced.

This anime is based on the light novel series by Isao Miura.

The story takes place after an abominable war that foisted a "Devil Contract" upon a land. Cecily Cambell, a former noble's daughter who joined a knighthood, encounters a man who dispatches some hoodlums with one sweep of a mysterious sword. The man possesses the power of the same "Devil Contract" that has become taboo, now that peace has been restored.

Tatakau Shisho "The Book of Bantorra"


The Tatakau Shisho series is a collection of Japanese light novels by Ishio Yamagata, with illustrations by Shigeki Maeshima. The series started with the release of the first volume on September 22, 2005, and as of April 30, 2008, eight volumes have been published by Shueisha under their Super Dash Bunko label. A manga adaptation by Kokonotsu Shinohara started serialization in Shueisha's web comic magazine Ultra Jump Egg in March, 2008. An anime adaptation has been announced. The opening theme is "Datengoku Sensen" by ALI PROJECT and the ending theme is "Light of dawn" by Annabel.

In the story of the light novels, all the dead people of the world have been turned into "books" stored in the Bantorra library. A boy named Koria Tonisu has had his memories erased and his chest embedded with a bomb.

Genesis of Aquarion


Genesis of Aquarion is an anime TV series written and directed by Shoji Kawamori, produced by Satelight. The science fiction series is a homage to the Super Robot shows of the 1970s and 1980s, executed with modern animation techniques and aesthetics. Set in the future, a giant fighting machine called Aquarion is humanity's only weapon in the fight against the technologically advanced species called the Shadow Angels.

Holy Genesis Era. Year 0011. Mankind has lost 2/3 of its population. The Great Catastrophe, which ruined the planet 11 years ago, caused the ice of Antarctica to melt.In the Lost Atlantis, which was believed to be destroyed 12000 years ago, the winged race of Shadow Angels resurrected. They sent their bio-mechanical 'mythical beasts' to harvest the life energy 'Purana' of humans in the few remaining cities.

Nov 14, 2009

Hell Teacher Nube


Hell Teacher Nūbē is a horror-comedy manga created by the collaborative efforts of writer Shō Makura and artist Takeshi Okano in Shueisha's manga anthology book Weekly Shōnen Jump. The series ran for 276 chapters (not including the two pilot chapters where Nūbē was known as Nubo) from Issue 38, 1993 through Issue 24, 1999. A 48-episode anime series based on the manga was created by Toei Animation, and aired from 1996–1997 on Animax and TV Asahi. The anime resulted in three movies and three OAV episodes. A spinoff story for Izuna Hazuki the itako-girl, Izuna the Spiritual Medium, has been running in Oh, Super Jump since July 2007.

The series follows Meisuke Nueno, aka Nūbē, the homeroom teacher for Class 5-3 at Dōmori Elementary. More than a teacher, however, he is a skilled exorcist, protecting the town of Dōmori from supernatural threats with strength borrowed from a powerful demon sealed in his left hand—a technique he calls the Demon's Hand.

Nov 13, 2009



Naruto: Shippuden is the ongoing sequel to the original Naruto anime and covers the Naruto manga from volume twenty-eight on. The TV adaptation of Naruto: Shippuden debuted in Japan on February 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo. It is developed by Studio Pierrot and directed by Hayato Date. ABS-CBN is the first TV network (TV network outside Japan) to broadcast Naruto: Shippuden. ABS-CBN has initially aired the first 40 episodes of Naruto: Shippuden until March 19, 2008.

Beginning January 8, 2009, TV Tokyo began broadcasting new episodes via internet streaming directly to monthly subscribers. Each streamed episode is be made available online within an hour of its Japanese premiere and include English subtitles. Viz began streaming English subtitled episodes on January 2, 2009 on their official website for the series. The uploaded episodes include both previously released episodes and the new episodes from Japan. Beginning in October 2009, the English dub of Naruto: Shippuden started airing weekly on Disney XD.

Naruto:Shippuuden is the second incarnation of the very popular NARUTO anime. It covers Part II of the manga storyline which takes place two years after Part I (which ends with the Sasuke Retrieval arc, episodes 107–135 of the first TV series). The anime chronology differs from the manga as the Shippuuden series happens two and a half years after the end of the first Naruto series.

Hajime no Ippo: Season 2 "New Challenger"


On September 15, 2008 it was announced in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, that a second season of Hajime no Ippo would begin airing on January 6, 2009. The second season is called Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger and concluded on June 30, 2009.

Ippo Makunouchi continues his boxing career and his goal on knowing the meaning of being strong, and the desire on fighting his idol Ichiro Miyata once again. Along him are pro boxers Takamura, Aoki and Kimura that each one of them aspire to their own dreams.

Naruto 471 and Bleach 382 They're up

Hello guys good day! another long wait is over because our favorite Bleach Chapter 382 and Naruto Chapter 471 are up now. A million thanks to SleepyFans for the scan and upload and special thanks to the home of manga the onemanga for the great manga reading. So guys click the link and start reading your favorite anime.

Bleach will be going on break next week, so as expected there will be no manga release next week. And also One Piece is on the break this week. We will wait for the coming chapters of Bleach and One Piece next week.
Good news to the Hunter X Hunter fanatic like me, the series will continue starting January 4th 2010 issue of WSJ. It is a big gift for this coming Christmas. We will wait a little time for the continuation of the series to start.


Nov 12, 2009

Hajime no Ippo: Season 1 "The Fighting"


Fighting Spirit is a boxing manga and anime series created by George Morikawa which is serialized by Kodansha in Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

The manga has been running since 1989, spans 84 tankōbon. A 76-episode anime adaption, titled Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! was produced by Madhouse, the Nippon TV Network and VAP, directed by Satoshi Nishimura and ran on the Nippon TV Network from October 2000 to March 2002. One OVA and a movie were also produced. At the end of 2003 the anime was licensed in North America by Geneon. Geneon released it as Fighting Spirit. It was called Knockout in the Philippines.

Ippo Makunochi is a very shy high school student who never had the time to make friends because he was always busy helping his mother run their family-own fishing business. Because he kept to himself, a group of bullies led by Umezawa got into the habit of picking on him. On one particular day these bullies decided to give him a rather serious beating, but a middle-weight professional boxer who was passing by stopped the bullies and took the injured Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym, owned by retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, to treat his wounds.

Element Hunters


Element Hunters is an anime series that started airing in Japan on the 4th of July. The anime is a science-fiction adventure aimed at children to teach chemical elements. The project is a joint production between Japan and Korea for both television and merchandising. Element Hunter's plot focuses on three children, the Earth Team, traveling to an alternate dimension called Nega Earth (stands for Negative Earth) to exterminate element monsters (known as QEX) for the purpose of collecting chemicals of the periodic table which have been disappearing from Earth in recent decades.

In 2029, a large scale ground sinkage occurred in the Mediterranean Sea. Chemical elements such as oxygen, carbon, gold, molybdenum, and cobalt disappeared from the earth's crust suddenly. The human population was decreased by 90% in sixty years. Researchers found out that the disappeared elements were drained into a planet "Nega Earth", located in another dimension.

Bleach Chapter 382 Spoiler Confirmed

Source: BA, FLOL
Credits: Sheetz, Spacecat,
Verification: Confirmed

As Unohana runs in front she is able to make a clear path.
Ichigo: “Wow…with captain level reaitsu the path is so clear. It’s really
shocking the difference…”
Unohana: “As far as reiatsu goes you are similar.
From the looks of things your wounds are healed, so even at 100% your
reiatsu is rough, and so not suitable for doing this.”
Ichigo: “That’s not true! If my reiatsu were 100% I’d be much better!”
Unohana: “My, your eyes are opened too wide for you to be sleep talking.”
Ichigo: “Hey, isn’t that harsh?! I mean, I’m not sleep talking or joking!!
Look at this! I only have my sleeve.
When I use bankai my clothes change. Somehow these clothes are like they are part of my bankai.

As proof when Inoue healed my wounds my clothes were only restored a bit.
I was wondering why whenever Inoue healed me that my clothes were fixed as well.
Somehow Inoue heals wounds quickly, but restoring reiatsu appears to be slower.
When I rushed down after Rukia and the others were defeated…my reiatsu
That’s why my reiatsu is that way!
If it were completely restored…”
Unohana is surprised. (”His clothes are only half of normal, so does that mean
his reiatsu is half?”
Ichigo: “?”
Unohana: “Was I mistaken in thinking that his reiatsu which rivals captains was 100%?”
Unohana: “…Kurosaki-san, please run in front.”
If you continue the movement from here your reiatsu will be restored to its limit.”
Ichigo: “Movement…while I’m running? I don’t think it…”
Unohana: “It can. Initially, healing with kido in many cases restores the reiatsu first.

Nov 11, 2009

One Piece Manga Spoiler

Attention: No One Piece Manga this week the author is taking a break. It will be back next week. We will wait for the release. You can read the One Piece prediction brought to us by Onepiece-spoilers.

Pridection Title: Path Chosen

Akinu: Curses Whitebeard isn't going to fight his allies like I had hoped.

Sengoku: Akinu your strategy succeeded in injuring Whitebeard but you and I both know that a simple stab as that won't stop Whitebeard, let alone slow him down.

Squad: Was I truly tricked, but how does that explain the marines only killing New World Pirates?

Marco: Akinu probably instructed the marines and their captains to attack only New World Pirates to make the betrayal all the more convincing. Plus there are A LOT more New World pirates than there are Whitebeard Pirates so it makes sense that it is much easier to target New World Pirates than the fewer Whitebeard Pirates.

Naruto Chapter 471 Spoiler Confirmed

Status: Confirmed Spoiler
Credits: 2ch, Shounensuki / Vered

Sabu: “The sword changed…”
Samehada: “Gigigigigi”
Killer Bee: “Oh? Hoshigaki Kisame… you say”
Killer bee puts his finger in his mouth and writes the name in a book.
Kisame: “There’s ink coming from his mouth…… The rumours were right, he is an octopus guy.”
Killer Bee: “He’s gonna make you cry in sorrow! This octopus guy! Wiiiiiii!!”

The Tailed Beast cloak goes up to seven tails

Sabu: “The Tailed Beast form… There are seven chakra tails…! Bee is serious!”

Killer Bee: “Did you know?”
Kisame: “What?”
Killer Bee attacks Kisame with a sword in one hand
Killer Bee: “Octopi eat sharks!”
Samehada avoids Killer Bee’s assault
(Kisame just set up Samehada, but Samehada is moving on its own, avoiding the attack)

Sabu: “The sword dodged!”

Samehada moves on its own and attacks Killer Bee, but he avoids it.
However, [one of] Killer Bee’s tails is eaten.

Samehada: “Gyagigigiii~!!”

Nov 9, 2009

Naruto: Season 1


Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village that is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. The series is based on a one-shot comic by Kishimoto that was published in the August 1997 issue of Akamaru Jump.

Naruto closely follows the life of a boy who is feared and detested by the villagers of the hidden leaf village of Konoha. The distrust of the boy has little to do with the boy himself, but it’s what’s inside him that causes anxiety. Long before Naruto came to be, a Kyuubi (demon fox) with great fury and power waged war taking many lives. The battle ensued for a long time until a man known as the Fourth Hokage, Yondaime, the strongest ninja in Konoha, fiercely fought the Kyuubi.

Nov 7, 2009

Gun X Sword

Source: News Network

Gun Sword, known in Japan as Gun vs. Sword (Gan X Sōdo?), is a Japanese animated television series produced by AIC A.S.T.A. The series is directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Hideyuki Kurata.

The story is set on the "Planet of Endless Illusion", a place where rogues of all sorts gather. The protagonist, Van, travels the world searching for a man with a clawed right hand who killed his bride. He is joined by several other travelers along the way, each linked to the clawed man by a personal loss.

Nov 6, 2009

Samurai Deeper Kyo


Samurai Deeper Kyo (Samurai Dīpā Kyō) is a manga series written and illustrated by Akimine Kamijyo. The manga was serialized from October 15, 1999 to May 10, 2006 in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine, and collected over 38 volumes.Samurai Deeper Kyo follows the story of Demon Eyes Kyo (Oni Me no Kyō) as he seeks to regain his body after his soul was sealed inside the body of his rival, Mibu Kyoshiro. Kyo is joined in his search by the bounty-hunter Shiina Yuya, the heir to the Tokugawa shogunate Benitora, and Sanada Yukimura, a known rival of the Tokugawa.

The manga was adapted into an animated television series in 2002. The Studio Deen production aired on TV Tokyo from July 2, 2002 until December 23, 2002, for a total of 26 episodes. As of April 2009, 34 volumes had been released in the United States and Canada by Tokyopop, at which point Tokyopop dropped the series; it was picked up by Del Rey, who have announced plans to release the remaining volumes. The series has also been released in Denmark, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore and Spain. It has also been adapted as a Game Boy Advance video game, released in Japan in late 2002. It was later released in North America in February 2008, as the last title for the system.

Death Note


Death Note is a Japanese manga series created by writer Tsugumi Oba and manga artist Takeshi Obata. The series centers on Light Yagami, a university student who discovers a supernatural notebook, the "Death Note", dropped on Earth by a shinigami (death god) named Ryuk. The Death Note grants its user the ability to kill anyone whose face they have seen, by writing the victim's name in the notebook. The story follows Light's attempt to create and rule a world cleansed of evil using the notebook, and the complex conflict between him, his opponents and a mysterious detective known to the world only as L.

Bored with his deteriorating world and the laconic way of his fellows, shinigami Ryuuk drops his Death Note on Earth and watches to see if it stirs up anything interesting. His plan succeeds beyond his wildest expectations when the Death Note is found by brilliant high school senior Light Yagami, who is also bored with a world he considers rotten.

How can I make my blog load faster? From Blogger help

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Samurai 7


Samurai 7 is a 2004 Japanese anime series, produced by Gonzo and based on Akira Kurosawa's highly regarded 1954 movie Seven Samurai. The series was directed by Toshifumi Takizawa and its music was composed by Kaoru Wada and Eitetsu Hayashi. Samurai 7 series has 26 episodes all in all.

Samurai 7 is based on Kurosawa Akira's famous movie, "Seven Samurai".

In the far distant future, on a planet that might have been called "earth", there was a war between samurais who mechanized their bodies. After the long war, people enjoyed a modest peace. Samurai 7 tells the story of a rice village, Kanna. Every year during the harvest a group of bandits come and steal away almost all of the rice that had been harvested that year. Not only that, the bandits are becoming more demanding, now taking women and children in addition to rice.

Naruto 470, One Piece 563 and Bleach 381

The long wait is over Naruto 470 is here early a million thanks to SleepyFans for the scans. And here's another one Bleach 381 up as well. Thanks again SleepyFans and last but at least One Piece 563 is up now too! a million thanks Franky House for the scans.

Oda is back on break again next week so I think as expected there will be no One Piece episode next week. It will be back next next week.
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Nov 5, 2009

Claymore Chapter 97

Claymore Manga Chapter 97 is up thanks a lot to Redhawk for the upload

Read Claymore Manga Chapter 97

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One Piece Chapter 563 Spolier One man, One heart

Verification: Confirmed
Source : 2ch Credits : Aohige_AP and

Ace: Pops!!!
Buggy: Whitebeard!! Whitebeard’s been stabbed!!!
Luffy: old man
Marco: Squaaaaaaadddd!!!!

Marco slams Squad’s head into the ground
Marco: Why did you do this!!
Squad: Shut up!! You guys are the one that made me do this!!
Stop this nonsense, Whitebeard!! You already made a deal with the marines right!?
The lives of you Whitebeard pirates and Ace will be spared, right!?

Bleach 381 Spoiler

Source: FLOL and
Credit: sheetz
Verification: Confirmed

After hearing the words of those he crossed swords with, Ichigo has new determination.
At last he returns to the real world!!
Mayuri and Nemu are standing on a pillar, arms lifting up a globe.
Mayuri: “…I won’t explain what’s in there. You came through there and
if you go back you’ll be in the real world.
Ichigo: “…Right”
Mayuri: “…You just have to be careful of your footing.”
The garganta opening widens.

Mayuri: “If you take a wrong step you’ll fall into the space between the real
world and hueco mundo and won’t be able to return. Well, in that case
it would be interesting data, wouldn’t it?”
Ichigo is shocked.

Naruto 470 Spoiler Killer Bee vs Kisame

Source: NF and
Credits: Vered
Verification: Confirmed

Naruto’s exasperation toward Sakura’s confession!!
Naruto 470: Killer Bee Vs Kisame!!

Kakashi, Yamato, Lee, and Kiba in silence, as the snow is falling
Sakura: I…are you saying I’m lying to myself?
Naruto with an ambiguous face: …
Sakura: You have to decide what your true feelings are!! If you hate me then be straightforward about it!! Don’t make selfish excuses.
Interrupting Sakura while talking, Naruto: That’s why it’s strange! To say something like that until now!

Sakura: …Something…like that!?
Sakura talking on and on: That something–a girl’s confession–do you think this is something to take lightly!?
And until now!?
I came all the way here for that!
You and Sasuke, Sasuke, it’s always you chasing after Sasuke and getting yourself into danger.

Nov 3, 2009

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Dragon Ball Kai


In February 2009, Toei Animation announced that it would begin rebroadcasting Dragon Ball Z as part of the series' 20th anniversary celebrations. The series premiered on April 5, 2009, under the name Dragon Ball Kai, with the episodes remastered for HDTV, featuring updated opening and ending sequences, and a rerecording of the vocal tracks by most of the original cast.

The footage was also re-edited to more closely follow the manga, resulting in a faster moving story, and damaged frames removed. As such, it is a "new" series created from the original Dragon Ball Z footage.