Nov 17, 2009

One Piece Chapter 564 Spoiler Confirmed

Source: AP and
Credit: Urouge
Verification: Confirmed

This is a teaser of a spoiler of One Piece Chapter 564, I will update this ASAP.

When Whitebeard takes down John Giant, he causes an earthquake so large, it tilts the entire island as well as the sea around it.

To elaborate, he caused this massive earthquake to trip John onto the ground.
After he tilts the island, he jumps onto John, and pounds another earthquake into the giant’s chest.

John Giant attempts to stop Whitebeard, but Whitebeard beats him with his earthquake powers to John Giant’s chest.
Whitebeard uses an earthquake to attempt to bring down the scaffold, but the admirals stop the attack. The other Whitebeard pirates rush the scaffold.

The siege wall is raising to make it difficult for the pirates to advance to the scaffold. A section of the wall is blocked by Oars’ huge body and is unable to lift it. Oars’ blood leaks into the system, further reducing its power.

Akainu attacks Whitebeard with a “Ryusei Kazan” (Meteor Volcano), and magma falls down from the sky in the form of a fist.

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