Nov 17, 2009

Naruto Chapter 472 Spoiler Confirmed

Soruce: NF and
Credit: Stream
Verification: Confirmed

Killer bee changes to bijuu, and tries to escape while holding Sabu-chan et Ponta. But the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can’t reach the air.

Then Killer Bee suggests that since Kisame is after him, he’ll leave them and try to escape by himself, so that with the water moving they will eventually reach the air. But Kisame attacks Ponta

Killer Bee gets back to the rescue, and falls into the trap of Kisame, who attacks him with the dorsal fin and gets him back to a lower version of bjiuu

Killer Bee gets out a single tentacle and uses it to grab Kisame away from him Meanwhile, Sabu-chan and Ponta get out of the water

Killer Bee somethings about lightning sword, but on a suggestion of Hachibi, just spouts off ink in order to escape. But Samehada/Kisame fusion can feel the chakra through the skin and he attacks Killer bee with the dorsal fin

Kisame has cancelled the Suiton and the fusion, and gets close to Killer Bee down and not moving. He tries to cut off his legs but Samehada grabs the earth to protect Killer Bee
Thorns come out of the handle, forcing Kisame to drop it, and Samehada jumps close to Killer Bee. Samehada liked Killer Bee Chakra so much, it wants to make him its new master. It tries to heal Killer Bee with Chakra stolen from Kisame, but Kisame kicks it off

Kisame grabs a sword of Killer Bee stuck into the earth, and gets ready to stab him. So basically Bee “wins” and is out of chakra, tries to get it back and is attacked by Kisame who really wasn’t defeated at the end.

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