Nov 5, 2009

One Piece Chapter 563 Spolier One man, One heart

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Ace: Pops!!!
Buggy: Whitebeard!! Whitebeard’s been stabbed!!!
Luffy: old man
Marco: Squaaaaaaadddd!!!!

Marco slams Squad’s head into the ground
Marco: Why did you do this!!
Squad: Shut up!! You guys are the one that made me do this!!
Stop this nonsense, Whitebeard!! You already made a deal with the marines right!?
The lives of you Whitebeard pirates and Ace will be spared, right!?

Whitebeard pirate: What are you talking about!?

Squad: We’ve been trapped!! I didn’t know… that Ace was the son of Gold Roger!!
When you took me in, I was all alone… you know why right!?
Because all my men were wiped out at the hands of Roger!!
You know how much I hate Roger!!

Squad: You just had to tell me… that Ace is Roger’s son, and you intend to make him the next pirate king!!
I was already betrayed at that point… I even became friends with Ace… what a mockery!!
And then Ace, who is so precious to you was captured…!!
You bought back his life in exchange for us, the 43 captains’ heads!!

Captains: !?

Squad: The Whitebeard pirates and Ace will survive… He’s already made deal with Sengoku!!
Isn’t that right!? And look at us, unaware of it…!!
We come all the way down here to give our lives for Whitebeard, and look what happened!!
The marines are only targeting US!! The iced wave blocks our way, and we can’t even escape!!
The Pacifistas don’t attack the Whitebeard pirates, just the allied captains and their crew.
Captain: Pops… is this true!?

Whitebeard: ……

Squad: It was a miracle that I even got a single hit on you…. I’m ready for it, kill me!!

Squad: You expect me to believe your nonsense?
Akainu: You’ll soon change your mind. If you think you’re lying, watch closely.
The focused attack that’s starting now… only you pirates allied with Whitebeard will be attacked!!
We won’t lay a hand on the Whitebeard pirates!!
Squad’s men: Whoa!! You’re lying, there’s no way…!! Look, they’re only targeting us!!
Squad: I didn’t want to believe it… I couldn’t believe my eyes…!!
Marco: You fool!!! You’ve been tricked Squad!! Why don’t you believe pops!!
???: It’s true that Ace is Roger’s son… And they picked the person most disturbed by this fact…. their scheme went above our anticipation.

Sengoku: Aokiji!!!

Aokiji freezes Buggy and his men

Marine: Activate the Enclosing walls!
Marine: Yes sir!!

Crocodile: Damn bastard… how disgraceful!! Whitebeard!!
I didn’t lose to a weakling like this!!
Ivancov: Crocboy…!!
Jinbei: Crocodile

Marco: (….yeah, he should have been able to dodge it… if it was the same pops we always knew…!!
No matter how unexpected, even attacks by his trusted comrades, he wasn’t the type to easily get hit…!! That’s the problem…!! His health is getting worse)

Whitebeard was sickened, and is seen taking off medical devices off himself
Whitebeard: What, you expect the enemies to pity me seeing me in these devices!? Take all of them off!!!
Marco: Pops!!

Whitebeard: Squad… how dare you stab your own parent…. son, you’re a fool!!
Squad: Uwaaa!!!

Whitebeard: But I still love you, foolish son.
Whitebeard embraces Squad, instead of killing him

Squad: Ugh…!! Don’t play with me!!! You sold us out…!!
Whitebeard: Even your loyal and honest heart was pulled into the darkness… Who did this to you?
Squad: …. a traitor among the marines… he told me if I slay you, my men will be spared!!

Akainu: I’m against this mission. The one that needs to be slain is Whitebeard!!
To let him go is out of question. If you work with me, I’ll save your men.

Whitebeard: Is that what Akainu said…
I know how much you hate Roger… I know it painfully well…
But Squad, blaiming the sins of a parent on the child is foolish… what did Ace ever do to you?
Get along with him… Ace isn’t any more special than the rest… you are all my family!!
Whitebeard: You haven’t changed Sengoku a bit… you really screwed with us.

Pirate: Pops!! Please tell me he’s lying!!
Damn it, we’ve been sold out!!

Whitebeard: Are you saying I sold off the heads of my sons…!?

Whitebeard creates a quake, and destroys the iced walls
Sengoku: He opened a retreat path for the pirates… He’s one crafty man.
Whitebeard: If you call yourself a pirate!! You decide yourself what to believe in!!!

Squad’s men: The iced walls are no more…!! We can take over this ship!! We can get out of here at any time now!!

Captain: Pops….!!
I knew it, it was a lie!! It’s all the marines’ plan!!

Whitebeard: “A wealking” huh…? Say whatever you want, but give me a break croc brat…!
I’m still just a man… with one heart.
They may call me a demon and a monster, but I can’t stay the most powerful man forever!!
If I save the future of one young life, I should be allowed to retire from this, no?
Ace: Pops…..

Whitebeard: Anyone coming with me… throw your life down with me, and follow me!!
Everyone: Uooooo!!!!!!!! Let’s go!!!
Whitebeard comes down from the ship, and heads to the enemies.
Sengoku: Get ready men!!! The world’s strongest man… is about to rampage!!!!!
The Chapter End

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