Nov 5, 2009

Bleach 381 Spoiler

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After hearing the words of those he crossed swords with, Ichigo has new determination.
At last he returns to the real world!!
Mayuri and Nemu are standing on a pillar, arms lifting up a globe.
Mayuri: “…I won’t explain what’s in there. You came through there and
if you go back you’ll be in the real world.
Ichigo: “…Right”
Mayuri: “…You just have to be careful of your footing.”
The garganta opening widens.

Mayuri: “If you take a wrong step you’ll fall into the space between the real
world and hueco mundo and won’t be able to return. Well, in that case
it would be interesting data, wouldn’t it?”
Ichigo is shocked.

Mayuri: “…What?”
Ichigo: “…No, is just that I was thinking that when Urahara-san sent us off
he was also standing on a higher location and giving a talk.”
Mayuri: “…So what?”
Ichigo: “You’re the second head of the technology department which means you were
Urahara-san’s apprentice, right? As I expected there’s a resemblance.”
Mayuri’s eyes get bloodshot. “Why you…”
Ichigo and Unohana leap into the garganta.
Mayuri: “…”
Nemu: “…Mayuri-sama…”
Mayuri: “…I see…Amusing…Amusing boy, that Kurosaki Ichigo…!
I no longer find it amusing thinking of shutting you up in the garganta…After this war is over
I’ll carefully devise a plan for your terror…Terror such that it will change your happy thoughts
regarding the war…!”
Byakuya gives him a sidelong glance.”…”
Nemu: “…Yes, Mayuri-sama. I will devise a strategy.”

Bleach381?Words Just Don’t Like You
An eternal battle…As they follow the faint glitter of light…
Ichigo and Unohana are running.
Unohana:” …Kurosaki-san. I have something I’d like to ask…You faced Aizen that
previous time on that hill, didn’t you?”
Ichigo: “That’s right…so what?”
Unohana: “How was it?”
Ichigo: “How was it? It’s was strong like a monster without even
using his hands or feet. It was completely one-sided even though
he didn’t even use his shikai.”
Unohana: “…That was fortunate.”

Ichigo: “Huh?”
Unohana: “That the difference in your power was so great is your
greatest fortune.”
Ichigo is puzzled.
Unohana: “Right now I’ll tell you, Kurosaki-san.”
Unohana: “At the present time, of those who are in the real world, SS, and HM,
those who are able to resist Aizen Sousuke, includes only yourself.”
Ichigo is surpsied. “What do you mean…”
Unohana: “I’ll explain. His sword Kyoukasuigetsu’s power, and the conditions to invoke it…”

Yammi unleases a barrage of punches. “Take this!!”
Yammi: “And this, and this, and this, and this.”

Four of the fingers on Yammi’s right hand go flying.
Yammi: “Damnit! Argggggg”
Yammi, in pain: “My f***en fingers…How dare you…!!”
Kenpachi is standing on Yammi’s right arm.
He swings his sword.
Byakuya looks on. Behind his is Mayuri.
Byakuya: “…Where are you still here, Kurotsuchi Mayuri?”
Mayuri: “Well, I don’t think you’re even interested in the answer to that question.”
Byakuya: “As for things that interest you, wouldn’t there be more of them in the real world?
I was asking what your intentions are that you remain here.”
Mayuri: “Oh, so you’re being wary, huh? You can relax. I’m not undertaking anything that
would strike terror into you.”

Byakuya glances at him. Mayuri looks down at him.
Mayuri:; “It’s just that at this time this where is there are many interesting corpses. That’s all.
Whenever the war in the real world is done, the garganta will open up on its own from that side.
And then I’ll be able to have the bodies leisurely transported one by one to have them studied…!”
Byakuya glances at him.
Mayuri; “…What?”

Then the chapter ends.

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