Nov 12, 2009

Bleach Chapter 382 Spoiler Confirmed

Source: BA, FLOL
Credits: Sheetz, Spacecat,
Verification: Confirmed

As Unohana runs in front she is able to make a clear path.
Ichigo: “Wow…with captain level reaitsu the path is so clear. It’s really
shocking the difference…”
Unohana: “As far as reiatsu goes you are similar.
From the looks of things your wounds are healed, so even at 100% your
reiatsu is rough, and so not suitable for doing this.”
Ichigo: “That’s not true! If my reiatsu were 100% I’d be much better!”
Unohana: “My, your eyes are opened too wide for you to be sleep talking.”
Ichigo: “Hey, isn’t that harsh?! I mean, I’m not sleep talking or joking!!
Look at this! I only have my sleeve.
When I use bankai my clothes change. Somehow these clothes are like they are part of my bankai.

As proof when Inoue healed my wounds my clothes were only restored a bit.
I was wondering why whenever Inoue healed me that my clothes were fixed as well.
Somehow Inoue heals wounds quickly, but restoring reiatsu appears to be slower.
When I rushed down after Rukia and the others were defeated…my reiatsu
That’s why my reiatsu is that way!
If it were completely restored…”
Unohana is surprised. (”His clothes are only half of normal, so does that mean
his reiatsu is half?”
Ichigo: “?”
Unohana: “Was I mistaken in thinking that his reiatsu which rivals captains was 100%?”
Unohana: “…Kurosaki-san, please run in front.”
If you continue the movement from here your reiatsu will be restored to its limit.”
Ichigo: “Movement…while I’m running? I don’t think it…”
Unohana: “It can. Initially, healing with kido in many cases restores the reiatsu first.

Furthermore, by means of the internal reiatsu and the healer, the external reiatsu and the flesh are then restored.
Restoring your reiatsu once the body has been healed will not be a problem. Now Kurosaki-san, to the front.”
Unohana: (”If that reiatsu is truly only half of his limit…he may very well be the trump card…!”)
Kenpachi: “Yaaaaaa”
Yammi’s leg(?) is cut off.
Kenpachi: “…chi”
He stands in front of the fallen Yammi’s face.
Kenpachi: “Finally knocked down that sturdy bastard.”
Hey, you done you big oaf?
Yo, Kuchiki Byakuya!! This dude’s finished!! I’ll leave him to you!!”
Byakuya: “…I don’t know what you mean.”
Kenpachi: “You stupid? You were just lounging around watching up till now.
Since there’s only the finishing blow left I meant I’ll just let you handle it.”
Byakuya: “…I see. You’re saying I should clean up your leftovers? Know your place.”
Kenpachi: “Landing the finishing blow on some weak guy doesn’t suit me. You shouldn’t be complaining.

Byakuya: “I refuse. Landing the finishing blow is more suited to the work of a barbarian such as yourself.”
Kenpachi: “What the hell!?”
A gargantuan hand lands on the ground between the 2.
Yammi: “Damn…Damn…”
He opens his mouth and fires a cero.
Kenpachi dodges. “That was a big cero. That bastard still has some strength left, huh?”
Byakuya: “Really. How could you say “There’s only the finishing blow left” when he’s like that.
Don’t think I’ll show sympathy for such a shallow diagnosis
Kenpachi: “Ha! For me there would have only been a finishing blow. For you it seems you would have still had a lot of work to do!”
Byakuya glances at Kenpachi, drops his sword to the ground. “…Amusing.” (bankai)
He shunpos over. “Whether I would have had a lot of work remaining, this blade will ascertain.”

Kenpachi: “Amusing!! I also wanted us to fight each other one time!!”
Yammi goes in front of them. They both say, “…You’re in the way”
Ken/Bya: “Get lost!!!:
The two slash his face.
Will it be ok in the end!?

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