Dec 9, 2009

Death Note Original Soundtrack III

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Death Note Original Soundtrack III, released on June 27, 2007 (Japan), is the third soundtrack album for the anime series Death Note. The music was created by composer and musician Hideki Taniuchi and composer Yoshihisa Hirano. The tracks 1-21 were composed and arranged by Hideki Taniuchi, while the tracks 22-28 were composed and arranged by Yoshihisa Hirano.

The album features one track sung by Aya Hirano, who was also the Seiyū of Misa Amane in Death Note. Also appearing on this soundtrack is the ending theme Code Death Note, which can be heard at the end of the final episode of the anime as the credits are shown.

Track list:
01. Death Image
02. L
03. L no Kako
04. Near no Theme
05. Mello
06. Mello 2
07. Action
08. L no Shisou
09. Mello no Theme
10. Taiji
11. Near
12. Misa
13. Misa no Video
14. Misa no Kodoku
15. Modotta Light
16. Gishin
17. Saiku
18. Near 2
19. Light no Engi
20. Misa no Kimochi
21. Chichi no Shi
22. Misa no Uta (orchestra version)
23. Mikami Concertino
24. Trifling Stuff
25. Toward the Climax
26. Misa no Uta (Piano solo)
27. Misa no Uta
28. Coda ~ Death Note

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