Dec 9, 2009

Death Note Original Soundtrack I

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The Death Note Original Soundtrack for the anime adaptation was first released in Japan on December 21, 2006 and was published by VAP.

It contains music from the series, composed by Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi, with the first opening and ending themes sung by the Japanese band Nightmare in the TV size format.

Track list:
1. Death Note
2. Jiken
3. Light’s Theme
4. L’s Theme
5. Kinchou
6. Senritsu
7. Kudoku
8. Tomonari
9. Kitai
10. Tokosou Kira Han
11. L’s Theme B
12. Shunjun
13. Tsuiseki
14. L no Nakama
15. Tokusou
16. Shinigami Kai
17. Taikatsu
18. Rem
19. Death Note Theme
20. Kyrie
21. Domine Kira
22. Teleology of Death
23. Low of Solipsism
24. Requiem
25. Immanence
26. Dirge
27. Light Lights up Light
28. Alert
29. The World (Tv Size)
30. Alumina (TV Size)

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