Dec 17, 2009

Naruto Spoiler Chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

madara looking from a higher place both danzou and sasuke
danzou’s sharingans in his right arm start moving
karin hides in the shadow “what’s with that right arm ? a lot of sharingans? gross!?

sasuke: what’s with that right arm?
danzou: several things happened it’s a long tale

sasuke: if i ask the reason my rage will increase let’s leave it at that i’ve already decided to kill you but before that there’s one thing i want to ask you
sasuke: is it true that because of the orders of the higher ups of konoha including yourself uchiha itachi killed my family
danzou: hare, boar, ram (handseals)
sasuke seeing everything with his sharingan
danzou starts to run and punches sasuke

danzou: this is…
there’s bones surrounding sasuke
a hand seizes danzou
madara: wow… is that sasuke’s
danzou: this is the guy called susano
naruto dumbounfed
yamato: what are we gonna do from here on? i think at least temporarily we should head back to konoha and
inform the events that happened at the summitt and about sakura too
sai: i’m following sakura we haven’t noticed sasuke nearby so at least for now feel at ease
kakashi: it would be better to take action and persuade them to come back
kakshi: thinking…
kakashi: ok yamato you go back with naruto to the village i will bring sakura back she can’t fight against sasuke
it’s like she’s going to her death about the incindents at the summitt i’ll send the dogs they’re fast
yamato: sai please lead the way
sai: ok
naruto remebering and thinking a lot
omoi: your uchiha sasuke attacked our village
karui: you bastard are you making fun of me?
sasuke is a member of akatsuki
naruto lost in his thoughts
madara taling about itachi and his sacrifice
naruto thinking
sai telling him about the decision of the rookies
kakashi: she plans to kill sasuke by herself
facing down naruto
flashbackgaara telling him to act as a hokage and as sasuke’s friend
naruto’s faced covered in sweat: ha ha
naruto pressing down his chest: ha… ha
kneeling down naruto: ha…ha
yamato/kakashi/sai: !!
naruto faints: ha….ha
losing consciousness naruto:ha…ha
kakashi: calm down naruto
yamato: he’s hyperventilating
kakashi: breath deeply! naruto!
naruto loses consciousness
sasuke activates mangekyou sharingan i’m aking you if it’s true!!!
susano’s bones clamping danzou
blood coming out of danzou’s mouth
danzou: ugh!!!
sasuke: answer quickly
danzou: i didn’t think he was that kind of man
danzou: itachi… at the time of his death.. he told you everything eh? i knew it…it was only you…the special one

sasuke remembering what madara told him
what madara told him in the cave
sasuke with a cold face “was it…true?”
susano taking his real form
karin: hiii…
danzou: self-sacrifice is the way of a shinobi not staying indoors to see what happens
from long time ago there’s been people that rendered distinguished service to the kages that’s the real nature of a shinobi
not just itachi but several others… to die this way is the most beautiful thing in this world thanks to this people we’re able to preserve peace.
itachi went against his will…you probably don’t understand…
when itachi revealed the secret to you it was a betrayal against konoha

susano crushes danzou with his hand
spurt of blood flies towards sasuke
sasuke with a scary face
sasuke: you didn’t tell that to itachi
from the back danzou
danzou: that’s right next we’ll talk with our eyes and fight
karin: eh
sasuke looking over his shoulder
revenge and a trembling fear

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