Dec 17, 2009

Bleach Spoiler Chapter 386: The Bestial

Credit: Maaru of FLOL and
Verification: Confirmed

Tousen turns into Ryuk (Or something like a Fly person)

Tousen with his eyes open: …. I can see… I can see….! I can see, Komamura…!!!! Fu… hahahahahahaha I can see, I can see, I can see, I can see!!!! Is that the sky?! Is this blood?!! Is this the world?! —- Is that you, Komamura? Just like I thought, you’re quite ugly.

And what is torn to pieces…!?
In front of his dead friend’s grave,

Tousen: For the sake of justice, she loved this world, and thus for the sake of this world and for upholding justice she became a shinigami. I, for that justice that she wanted to uphold, have disappeared. I, who had bet my own life to follow her, have decided. That is why I became a shinigami.
Komamura parrying attacks
Komamura: Tousen— At that time, I felt that your words carried a faint lie. No matter how many times you said, “the world that she loves,” never did you say, “the world that I love”.

I understood then, “ah, how cruel has the world been to this man?” and I thought that knowledge was enough. That you didn’t dwell on the past, I thought it was fine, not even on the one who took away your beloved friend.

“And perhaps he can learn to love the world, if such a man could blurt out those saintly words, then it should be alright, ” I thought. That is why I decided then, to become a true friend to you. I will accept your sorrows, I will share happiness with you, if you strayed from the path, I will scold you, if you sinned, I will forgive you and if you were in trouble, I will support you. So that this man who could not love the world, will once again learn to love it.
Myouou tried beheading Tousen, – but Tousen using ultrasonic waves(?), uses, “Los Suebe Aspectos (9 rings of death)”

This hits Myouou in the stomach, and he collapses. Komamura collapes: …Tousen…
A hollow hole opens in Tousen’s chest.

He looks down at the fallen Komamura.

Tousen: … Should we end this, Komamura, with words about justice.

Komamura (It’s not over yet, Tetsuzaemon, it’s not over, Hisagi. ….. It’s not over, Tousen, I will definitely—– I will kill you.)
Tousen’s head is stabbed.

Hisagi: …. like I thought, you’re no longer Tousen-taichou… that you who could not see… would not fall to a strike of this degree.

Hisagi, with his eyes closing: Reap, Kazeshini

Tousen bleeds from the mouth.

His dead friend appears.

Tousen: Who is this? How strange, I was sure you were gone. Who is this? I can’t see. I can’t see anything.
The end.

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