Dec 7, 2009

Dragonball Z the Movie 5: Cooler's Revenge

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Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, known in Japan as Dragon Ball Z: The Incredible Mightiest vs. Mightiest (Doragon Bōru Zetto Tobikkiri no Saikyō tai Saikyō?), is the fifth Dragon Ball Z feature movie, originally released in Japan on July 20, 1991 between episodes 99 and 100. It was released in North America by FUNimation on January 22, 2002. Bridge Entertainment's title is Super Rivals. The movie was re-released with Dragon Ball Z: Return of Cooler in November 2008 alongside the remastered Season 7 of the anime series.

After defeating Frieza, Goku returns to Earth and goes on a camping trip with Gohan and Krillin. Everything is normal until Cooler - Frieza's brother - sends three henchmen after Goku. A long fight ensues between our heroes and Cooler, in which he transforms into the fourth stage of his evolution and has the edge in the fight until Goku transforms into Super Saiyan.

It is a high quality 720p bluray copy with dual audio. Enjoy watching after you've finish downloading.


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