Dec 7, 2009

Dragonball Z the Movie 4: Lord Slug

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Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, known in Japan as (Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Saiyajin da Son Gokū, "Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku the Super Saiyan"?), is the fourth Dragon Ball Z feature movie. It was originally released in Japan on March 19, 1991, between episodes 82 and 83. It was translated in North America by FUNimation, and Bridge Entertainment's title is Super Saiya Son Goku.

It is the first Dragon Ball Z feature movie (not counting the Ultimate Uncut edition of the previous movies) to be dubbed with FUNimation's English voice cast. It's American dub is also the first Dragonball Z film dub to have actual bands' songs in a film and not just the show's composer's music. The movie was released on Steel Case DVD and Blu-ray along with Tree of Might as well as the season 6 box set.

Piccolo and Gohan arrive and square off against Slug's goon squad, only to be defeated. All hope seems lost, until Goku and Krillin show up, and they easily defeat Slug's men. With all his men defeated, Lord Slug emerges and Krillin challenges him, only to lose in one punch. Goku battles Lord Slug, but quickly loses the advantage, being no match for Slug's power. When Lord Slug finally decides to finish Goku with the final punch, Goku retaliates by catching it and his anger explodes, causing him to turn into a Giji Super Saiyan (which is misinterpreted as an actual Super Saiyan in the movie, causing it get its name Giji Super Saiyan, meaning False Super Saiyan).
In a flash of powerful blows, Goku completely crushes Lord Slug's arm and when it seems Goku is about is about to win, Slug reveals his Namekian hertiage, ripping off his broken arm and regenerating a new one. The shock then regresses Goku back to his normal state and before his eyes Lord Slug transforms into a gigantic version of himself. Slug regains the advantage but before he is able to finish Goku off, Piccolo remembers the Namekian weakness: their sensitive hearing (revealed in the beginning of the movie). He then orders Gohan to whistle again and before Gohan can do so, he immediately rips off his own ears to protect himself from the disturbing sounds.

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Slug is immediately caught off-guard, saving Goku. Gohan then gives all his energy to Goku and with his power regained, Son Goku uses his Kaio-Ken to knock down Lord Slug long enough to charge a Spirit Bomb. Son Goku then hurls the powerful energy sphere at the Namekian Tyrant, easily destroying him. With the villains defeated, the heroes celebrate over their victory. The movie ends with Master Roshi waking up from his nap, wishing something interesting had happened.

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