Oct 21, 2009

One Piece Chapter 561: Luffy vs Hawkeye

Credit: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

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Cover image is Luffy eating bananas with monkey
Luffy vs Mihawk
Mihawk's fierce attacks forces Luffy to back away further and further from Ace.
Luffy can't attack, only thing he can imagine by doing so is to be sliced up.
Mihawk smiles, noticing Luffy's gaining experience.

Scene changes to Croc
Crocodile says something to the likes of "teaming up with you? don't make me laugh. Don't you mean, "please Mr Crocodile can I work under you?" Get lost Doflamingo!
Crocodile creates a massive sandstorm, blowing away both Jozu and DoFlamingo.
Buggy is caught in the sandstorm also and is blown away

Scene back to Luffy
Two prisoners attack Mihawk, and says their names but I forgot them. (<- Nja’s comment)
Mihwak says the likes of “I don’t remember names of fodders” and continues attacking Luffy
Luffy finds Buggy up in the sky. “Gomu Gomu no JET scapegoat!”
Switch places with Buggy, and now it’s Buggy vs Mihawk
Buggy doesn’t die even from getting sliced into bits, and he gets cocky and shoots a bomb at Mihawk.
Mihawk hits the bomb back at Buggy, blowing him up.
Luffy: BUGGGGYYYYYY!!! I will never forget you!!
Luffy gets back to heading to his brother, and Marco is watching him.
Marco: Hey, back him up!
Marco calls up the fifth division captain, Vista “The Sword Flower”.

Mihwak vs Vista
Vista: First time to meet you, good sir Hawkeye.
Mihawk: You are the Whitebeard Pirates Fifth DIvision Captain Vista “The Sword Flower” are you not!?
Vista: Oh, you know me?
Mihawk: Of course I would….
Sengoku stops the broadcast
Sengoku (If we broadcast this, the whole world might be against us… the only thing that needs to be broadcasted after is our victory)
After that, huge army of PX shows up

Additional bits by Nja
Oh, and Mihawk was shaking in joy from Luffy’s power.
He was thinking to himself Luffy may be the most powerful man on the sea, because he gains alliance and friends everywhere he goes, even his former enemies.

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