Oct 28, 2009

Bleach 380 Spoiler Confirmed

Status: Confirmed Spoiler
Source/Credits: Nja - 2Ch

The Manga cover is Kenpachi and Byakuya

Yammi focuses on fighting Kenpachi. (Kenpachi is blown away by Yammi but it's a weak punch.)
In the middle of this Mayuri shows up.
He explains that he has with him a machine he made that can open the gates whenever he wants.

Mayuri: "Kurosaki Ichigo, by properly making it to the real world you'll become my #1 test subject."
Unohana appears and says she wants to go to the real world, too.
Mayuri: "Oh dear, if the 4th Division Captain is my test subject herself, she won't know if I've made a mistake."
Undaunted, she replies, "There definitely won't be a mistake. If there was and if Urahara-san heard then he'd make fun of you."

Ichigo: But those guys are in trouble (against Yammi.)
Byakuya: "You are the substitute shinigami of that town...so it's your duty to guard it."
Ichigo: !!!!!

Ichigo says he understands and warps away with Unohana, and the chapter ends.

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