Feb 23, 2010

Gundam Unicorn

Source taken from Wikipedia.org

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Kidō Senshi Gandamu Yunikōn? is a light novel series by popular Japanese author Harutoshi Fukui. The novel takes place in Gundam's Universal Century timeline. Character and mechanical designs are provided by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Hajime Katoki, respectively. An anime adaptation of the novels is planned for release worldwide on March 12, 2010.

The novel begins in U.C. 0001, at the very beginning of human space colonization, with the Laplace Incident, a major event that influences the course of human history forever. The main story takes place in U.C. 0096, three years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

The new bread of gundam series has come "Gundam Unicorn" is new series episode of the gundam history that we will watch for! it's a new kind of gundan story new action and new characters. This anime is an on-going series so as usual, we will wait for the new episodes every week.

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