Dec 5, 2009


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RahXephon (Rāzefon?) is a Japanese anime series about 17-year-old Ayato Kamina, his ability to control a godlike mecha known as the RahXephon, and his inner journey to find a place in the world around him. His peaceful life as a student and artist in Tokyo is suddenly interrupted by a mysterious woman who appears to be stalking him, strange planes invading the city, and even stranger machines fighting back.

In the year 2012, Tokyo is suddenly attacked by a mysterious organization called "MU". At that time Ayato Kamina is just a regular high school student. His father passed away when he was young, and his mother works for the government.

Ayato meets a mysterious woman named Reika Mishima and discovers the existence of the angel-winged giant robot, Rahxephon. Apparently Rahxephon synchronized with Ayato. So could he be the key to save Japan?

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