Dec 3, 2009

One Piece the Movie 7: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

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Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (Karakuri-jō no Meka Kyohei?) is the seventh animated feature film of the franchise. It premiered in Japan on March 4, 2006 and was released to DVD on July 21, 2006. The film made six weeks run in the Top 10 of the Japanese box office. It made a fourth place in its first week of showing, a six place in its second week, and a seventh place in its third week. In its fourth week of showing, the film placed sixth again, followed by a fifth place in week five, and a tenth place in its sixth week of showing. The film earned a total of 6,961,436 US dollars in Japan and 7,232,965 US dollars in international markets.

The Straw Hats visits an island, known as Mecha Island, where a fisherman sings an old folk song about a Golden Crown. Searching for that mysterious treasure, they find a hidden entrance into the island. The island's leader, Ratchet, impressed with the find and in search of the Golden Crown himself, invites the crew to join him in his search and the crew along with Ratchet and his henchmen enter the cave.

As it turns out, the islands true form, is that of a giant turtle. Ratchet, who had known this all along, uses his mechanical castle to take control of the turtle, in order to use it, to take over the world. Now the Straw Hats have to stop not only Ratchet, but also the helpless turtle, from crashing into a nearby island.
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