Dec 2, 2009

Naruto Chapter 474 RAW Spoilers Confirmed

Credits: Sho, NF, naruto-spoilers,
Verification Status: Confirmed

Sai starts talking to Naruto about Sakura's true feelings
What Sakura hid away from him was that: "Konoha will deal with Sasuke" and, "All the members of our class plan to act."
Sai and Kakashi figure that it seems like Sakura plans on killing Sasuke herself

It's because she loves Sasuke that she can't just leave him pursuing his evil ends like this; even if it turns out that she has to kill a person she loves with her own hands, Sasuke whom she had fallen in love with, that is what Sakura is ready to do

The Kazekage, Kankurou, and Temari make an appearance when they're done talking. They speak of the developments of what happened at the Five Kage meeting
Around that time, Madara (Tobi) appears where Danzou and his posse are

Also at that time, the Kazekage finishes talking to Naruto and co. about what went on at the Kage meeting, about the Great Shinobi War

The Kazekage says, "This is a war to protect the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails. As the Kazekage, I'll risk my life to protect you. I won't put up with it if Uchiha Sasuke were to stand in my way as one of the Akatsuki"

" once told me 'I'm the man who'll be Hokage'. Well I've become Kazekage. If you decided on carrying the burden of the Kage title, then as Sasuke's friend, do what truly needs to be done"

And while that's happening, Danzou and his posse begin fighting Madara


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