Dec 10, 2009

Initial D: Third Stage – The Movie (2001)

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With his reputation growing, Takumi gets an offer of a lifetime from Ryosuke. Undecisive of his decision, Takumi tries to find his answers by requesting a challenge to battle the leader of team Emperor at his own homecourse.

The battle doesn’t end there, as another challenger arrives immediately prior to the previous race. Kai Kogashiwa with an MR2 also wants a shot of Akina’s Eight-Six, as he has a loose connection to Takumi’s father.

As the season of Fall turns into Winter, Natsuki is determined to make her relationship with Takumi work. The unexpected arrival of an old flame of hers happens to be visiting from out of town, adding more complex problems. But if Natsuki and Takumi don’t admit to how they feel about each other honestly, then they may lose each other forever.
When Takumi finally makes his decision, a major turning point to everyone in Initial D is about to happen and a new legend is about to begin.

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