Dec 6, 2009

2nd Annual ANIMAF Awards Trailer #2


Japaul said...

Cool video and the song is indeed catchy even though I don't understand the whole thing.. What is Annual ANIMAF by the way?

kankuro said...

It's an anime award event in japan that will happen annually. All the best anime that has been voted/chosen by the viewers will be awarded depending on the category of anime they belong.

This the 2nd Annual ANIMAF event in japan.

An im sure Naruto, Bleach and One Piece will be awarded.

Anonymous said...

It's an online anime award for anime and live-action movies, but it's not from Japan.

Read more here:

kankuro said...

thank anonymous for the comments, i thought it's from japan hehehe!... how shame the author of this blog did not know what ANIMAF is. But they say were not perfect..

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