Oct 30, 2009

BLEACH Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour: Memories in the Rain

Source: Wikipedia.org

This special, shown in Japan at the Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour, is a pilot episode for the series. It is a one-episode version covering a part of episode 7 and fully episodes 8 and 9 and it follows manga more strictly. It also focuses more on Ichigo's feelings regarding his mother's death.

Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, voices Kon in this special instead of Mitsuaki Madono, the original seiyū of Kon. The closing theme used for the episode is "Memories in the Rain" by Morita Masakazu and Orikasa Fumiko, the seiyū of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki respectively.

BLEACH Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour: "Memories in the Rain"

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